Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Holy River

Holy river that be
you won’t sink me.
Beneath the water
sinks reality

Young ones jump into the river
and peer into the abyss
What’s down there?
They all wonder

So they dive in
and years go by fighting serpents
all to find their treasure
and rise upward again

Satisfied, they build their raft little by little
and wave to the other happy rafts
that look so at ease not having to
dredge treasure from the river

What a wonderful world it is
floating in the holy river, together.

A broken raft lies on the riverbank
What has gone wrong there?
Another companionship broken
abandoning their construction

In the holy river it does not matter
if you sink, swim or ride together
It makes no judgments
it’s up to you to decipher the benefits

How did it go over there?
No matter, it’s past.
The river stops for no man
despite their swimming backward

It’s in passing we see the
wonders of creation and
horrors of destruction.

Each little treasure falls by the wayside
so you cast your line out for another
and hope for escape from the former

What was it, anyway?
Did you see it?
Or was it just captured?

One day, it’ll be upon us
to see through the wonders
and save ourselves from the horrors.

One day, it’ll be upon us
to accept the creation
and reject the destruction.

Holy river that be
Is it time that moves you
or do we float unto eternity?

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